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A better way to recruit.

Socially Responsible Recruiting™ is a fair and equitable process that drives higher revenue for companies and better experiences for candidates.

Discover a new kind of talent acquisition
with Focus & Find®.

Building on research that proves a more diverse workforce is a more innovative and profitable workforce, Focus & Find® brings the talent that is overlooked in traditional recruitment processes, resulting in a more diverse workforce and executive team.

Socially Responsible Recruiting™ is a conscious practice of making hiring decisions based on skills, turning Human Resources into a profit engine instead of an expense. Job searches become true opportunities for inclusive talent, as well as a fantastic advantage for the client.

Through our fair recruitment process, we are focused on finding the best talent. Period. Companies who work with us find their inclusive talent levels increase.

And as the research shows, so does profitability.

What’s our secret?

We start by doing blind recruitment. We remove all factors that lead to bias selection of candidates in the hiring process. It may seem counterintuitive, but by removing indicators like names and demographic information our clients get to select from a bigger pool of talent without the influence of biases and prejudices.

Our Socially Responsible Recruiting™ means removing all traditional signals while vetting talent, including name, school, age, and gender. We focus on skill sets, experience, and ability—giving our candidates a level playing field, and our clients a stronger set of recruits.

Bigger Ocean = More Fish.

Finding new talent takes new thinking. Traditional search firms focus on a small talent pool and refer to it often for future assignments. This is called double-dipping. It prevents evolving companies from discovering fresh or different talent. When creating an adaptive successful workforce, there is power in being more inclusive.


“A diverse organization will out-think, out-innovate, and out-perform a homogenous organization every single time. Winning will come from taking full advantage of diversity.”

—A.A. Lafley, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble

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Why does it matter?

Research from Harvard Business Review shows a direct link between equality, gender, race, sexual orientation, and higher EBITDA margins. When people with different world views join together, they influence one another and new ideas are born.

A more inclusive workforce is a more innovative and profitable workforce.

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When you’re searching for new talent in an executive position, you can’t afford to make your hiring decision lightly. There are many factors to making a socially responsible placement in an executive role, and finding the right fit for your company’s continued success takes more than just checking boxes.

What Social Responsibility Means To Us:

  • Better reflecting and representing populations served
  • Take a reduced inequality perspective to build a more cosmopolitan workforce
  • Take environmental/community impact into business decisions

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