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Stop expecting the job fairy to find you that amazing job.

You’ll never get your dream job that way.

There’s no job fairy who, while you sleep, creeps into your home and lays the perfect job offer under your pillow.

Nope, there isn’t a job fairy. (That would be kind of creepy if there really was some strange creature sneaking into your home as you sleep. Come to think of it, that whole Santa thing is unnerving.)

I know you don’t believe in a job fairy. However, relying on responding to random job postings listed on websites and/or social media to lead you to that dream position with that great organization is just as silly as believing that a job fairy will rescue your career.

Your career deserves more thought than this.

Dream positions at great organizations don’t happen by luck or magic. Well, there is a degree of luck, but it is helped along by being prepared. You’re going to need a strategy for how to take your career where you want it to go. That’s right, you’re in the driver’s seat for your career – whether you get to where you want depends on how prepared you are for the journey.

Right now, you are expecting me to list a litany of things that you should do to make sure your career is on the path towards where you want it to go.

Well, I am going to veer from this for a moment and talk with you about something that is so often overlooked by candidates – have you done an objective assessment of you as an employee and potential candidate to determine if you are ready for the next steps in your career?

Please pause before you say “yes” so quickly. That tends to be ego speaking, and it doesn’t always tell you what you need to hear. As recruiters, we see things. We see people who believe they are the perfect employee with the absolute best qualifications for a position, but during the interview process it becomes clear that they are not as amazing as they believe they are. They will never hear this from a recruiter or a hiring organization – they simply will not get an offer.

As an owner of a recruitment firm trying to do recruitment better – I have to say it: “You may not be ready for the move to the next level.”

Too often you only get one shot with that organization you really want to work for. Please, please make sure you as an employee and candidate are ready for the next level.

Doing a self-assessment is not about tearing yourself down. It is about recognizing where you really are, how you bring value to an organization, and how you can improve yourself to be an even more valuable addition to an organization. It is about being honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

We cannot tell you how to do a self-assessment. You have to determine the best way for you to be honest with yourself. It might help to write down your thoughts or record them; or that might not be right for you. Some people can have this internal conversation without having to have a physical record while others can’t. If you struggle with doing this, we suggest you find a coach or mentor who can help you. A trained professional is always a good thing to have.

Should recruiters supply you with accurate information as to whether or not you fit a positions? Absolutely! However, often times, we have to take candidates at their words or rather their resume/CV. We vet as best as possible but whether you are qualified or not is often discovered in the interview process, and recruiters are not a part of that. We will be notified of an organization’s decision, and we can only supply the candidate with the information concerning how the decision was made if the organization allows us. Too often, the feedback is too general or bland to provide any real assistance to a candidate.

We cannot speak for the industry, but at Focus & Find, we’re working to change how recruiting is done, including how we communicate with candidates.

There is no job fairy to help make your career. You’re going to have to take control of your career path. Here’s a secret, you’ve always had the power. Time to use it.

The job fairy ain’t gonna save you.

Until we meet again.
Desmund Adams
CEO, Focus & Find

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