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C-Suite Gender and Ethnicity by Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a conscious decision for companies that continually strive to improve performance and profitability. Focus & Find elevates the search process with our innovative “blind slate” service or providing transparent candidate reviews for clients who prefer more of a sprint to improvement.

Because we are specialist, some clients may choose to engage us to supplement the work of their existing search firm. We are able to work around some unintended market miscommunications that fall more under tolerance than true inclusive diversity.

“Color-blindness is a version of difference-blindness and tolerance that ignores headwinds and tailwinds. When we do this, we unintentionally mask the reality that we are not all working through life having the same experiences and the same conversations. In America, being black or gay or Muslim affect one’s daily reality in ways both positive and negative. When we don’t see difference, we don’t see the reality of headwinds and tailwinds. We unintentionally perpetuate a narrative in which reality does not exist.”

–Dolly Chugh (How Good People Fight Bias: The Person You Mean to Be)

Focus & Find defies the learned behavior of many mainstream search firms. That behavior concentrates on weeding out not bringing in a certain type of candidate. It is such an engrained pattern within the search industry that most are unaware of the implicit bias. This is where we come in to help clients get outside of the traditional search box. Focus & Find insulates clients from bias, helps them meet compliance needs, and positions client’s businesses to resemble the populations they serve.

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