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Interviewing you isn’t doing you a favor.

Stop thinking a company is doing you a favor by interviewing you.

They are not.

No one interviews a person because it makes them warm and fuzzy inside. Recruiting, hiring and retaining talent are business decisions based upon how a candidate can potentially help a company make more money.

This bears repeating: Interviewing you is driven by a desire to make more money by identifying and hiring an individual who can help a company do this.

Negotiate accordingly.

Before you can negotiate, you have to accept that you bring value to an organization. Approach your recruiting as more of a business transaction between two parties – they have a position and compensation you want, and you have skills, experiences and knowledge that the company needs.

Too often candidates approach being recruited as if they have very little leverage. Not true. Understanding your value should change how you approach being recruited. Yes, it feels good being wanted, but remember to think about what you are getting from a new position beyond a salary.

Be thankful for an interview but don’t sell yourself short.


Until we meet again.
Desmund Adams
CEO, Focus & Find

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