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Healthcare Talent Acquisition is Unhealthy

Focus & Find has a deep, rich experience in healthcare talent acquisition and the ability to deliver more socially responsible talent to an industry full of paradox. Healthcare is suffering from a double-edged sword when it comes to socially responsible diversity and inclusion because both healthcare professionals and patients experience bias based on ethnicity and gender. The Journal for Healthcare of the Poor and Underserved found that providers’ biases contributed to disparities in care by race and ethnicity. According to the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity in Health Management, minorities make up 15 percent of hospital boards and only 11 percent of executive leadership positions yet represent nearly 35 percent of patients.

The U.S. population overall is changing but healthcare industry leadership is not keeping pace. The U.S. Census Bureau expects, by 2044, more than half the nation to be made up of minority races or groups. Yet, statistics show healthcare does not reflect the communities it serves. Allow Focus & Find to help your healthcare system keep up with the population you serve with customized candidate searches and an eye toward inclusive diversity.

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