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Inclusive Diversity is the bottom line difference

The GOA found that representation of minorities and women in this industry has not substantially changed even though the nation’s population makeup has. In accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act, Focus & Find has the experience and reach to fulfill SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE™ talent acquisition for the financial services sector. Noting that minorities and women are often underrepresented in both internal and external financial services candidate pools, the Government Accountability Office finds the main challenge to be improving identification of diverse candidates. This is where Focus & Find comes in to help financial services clients customize their candidate slates based by function and need. The financial services industry long has been male dominated leaving customers to feel somewhat at a loss for connection.

“As it stands, an estimated 70 percent of married women fire their male advisor once their husband dies, and 90 percent of those hire a female advisor afterward. So it’s not a matter of these women not needing or wanting a financial advisor—these widows just don’t want that person to be male. Something is going on here.”

–Barabara Annis & Keith Merron (Gender Intelligence: Breakthrough Strategies of Increasing and Improving Your Bottom Line)

Focus & Find can help clients better connect with their customer base by identifying inclusive diverse candidates. The financial industry watchers already know the needs but may not understand who can help them fulfill them. Focus & Find provides diverse and inclusive candidate slates, providing the opportunity for growth. This can be a complex process to navigate on your own – but it’s something we help companies with every day.

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