The team at Focus & Find are experts in identifying and recruiting a diverse slate of candidates for your consideration. Socially responsible leaders realize that the people they hire for executive leadership positions directly affect the importance they place on the role of society in their business model. There is no doubt that consumers expect companies to reflect modern values by walking the walk. They want to see action – not excuses.

When you hire Focus & Find for an executive search engagement, we strive to balance the team you have with the team you need. If your team lacks diversity – we help find diversity. Diversity isn’t just gender or ethnicity. It’s also experience, attitude and aptitude.

A socially responsible leadership team does not happen by accident. It’s built from the ground up. Focus & Find helps you create a team that’s building for the future by doing the right thing. It’s good for your corporate reputation – and good for the bottom line.

What are “Blind candidate slates?” We present your internal search team with a highly vetted, “blind” slate of candidates. This assures a “best fit” for the organization and keeps internal biases at bay. Each slate is created exclusively for you by our specially trained recruiting team.

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