The Focus & Find Difference

How the nation’s only SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE™ Talent Acquisition firm stacks up next to other search providers really matters.  What sets Focus & Find apart from the rest is an ocean of talent versus the customary pool of talent.

Traditional search firms focus on a small talent pool and return to it often for future assignments. That kind of double dipping in a pool does not provide fresh or differentiated talent. Differentiated talent means more than just new candidates. It also means new thinking. Diversity of thought is as important as pulling in people who look different from a company’s historic workforce. Major, notable voices from the C-Suite have been spoken out in recent years about the value of a more inclusive diverse approach to conducting business.

“All the data we’ve seen, and all of my personal experience, convinces me that a diverse organization will out-think, out-innovate, and out-perform a homogeneous organization every single time. Winning will come from taking full advantage of diversity.”

–A.A. Lafley, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble


The Focus & Find strategy is based on a larger network of connections within the inclusive and diverse world of top talent nationwide. We work with clients to understand what their specific needs are at the functional level and then customize a candidate search portfolio for them. Because Focus & Find is recruiting outside of the normal confines of other agencies, we reach better results.  Basically, a more expansive ocean of talent leads to more varieties of fish.