Group of executives talking about different types of recruiting.Start thinking differently about recruitment. The good news is that a company can be profitable and socially responsible at the same time. Inclusion in recruitment represents a means of being socially responsible. Inclusion is more than a nicety in the workplace. It is a path toward revenue generation. Recent research shows a direct linkage between equality in gender, race, and sexual orientation to higher EBITDA margins (earning before interest and taxes). McKinsey & Company found this to be particularly true for companies with more inclusive management and boards. Additionally, Harvard Business Review saw a direct correlation between pro-LGBTQ+ companies and corporate innovation. That innovation led to more profits. Bottom line, SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE™ talent acquisition leads to higher revenue. Furthermore, if you connect the dots between recruitment and talent, you begin to view human resources in a different light. No matter what your organization calls it, HR represents more than a cost center. The people in charge of recruiting top talent are actually a profit center when you consider how your employee field should be designed with revenue in mind.